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Highest Paying Telecommute Jobs

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Thanks to the rise of the Internet, telecommute jobs are becoming more and more common. While there are a few work-from-home scams out there that probably won't make you much money, there are also plenty of legitimate job opportunities that can be performed completely from your home office. Review the highest paying telecommute jobs to learn how you can make money at home.

Computer Programmer Telecommute Jobs

Telecommute jobs that require specialized or technical skills typically pay more than those that require less experience. If you have knowledge of computer languages such as Java, C++ and SQL, then you may be able to ditch the corporate cubicle in favor of freelance programming work. While rates can vary considerably, it is not uncommon for programmers to earn a rate of $50 an hour or more while working from home.

Freelance Writing Telecommute Jobs

Freelance writing is a real business that fully supports thousands of people in the United States each year. While a college degree and experience in the industry can be helpful, there are many freelance writers who started with no formal training. If you have good writing skills and excellent grammar, then all it may take is a little persistence to land your first writing job. Those just starting out might expect to make around $15 an hour. However, it is not uncommon for freelance writers to earn upwards of $100 an hour.

Transcription and Translation Telecommute Jobs

If you can speak a second language or have specialized knowledge of legal or medical lingo, then translation or transcription may be for you. Of the two, translation tends to pay better, with freelancers typically earning somewhere around $20 an hour. Transcribers, on the other hand, tend to earn around $15 an hour. While many medical transcribers begin their careers working in a medical office, such a career path is certainly not necessary. There are many online school programs that can teach you to become a transcriber in as little as a year.

Call Center Telecommute Jobs

Companies aren't just outsourcing call centers overseas these days. Many are cutting costs by hiring Americans to answer customer phone calls from the comfort of their own homes. Outfitted with an IP-based phone, your employer's calls will be routed to your home. While salaries aren't as high for call center telecommute jobs, there is very little training necessary. The average stay-at-home phone operator earns about $2,000 a month.

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