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Telecommute Customer Service Job Info and Employment Tips

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A telecommute customer service job can fulfill the role of full-time employment or provide a source for additional part-time income. However, to find legitimate telecommute jobs you will need to familiarize yourself with the customer service rep industry and acquire savvy job hunting techniques.

Working as a Telecommute Customer Service Rep

A telecommute customer service rep may work either through their home phone or Internet connection. Job duties include answering incoming customer service calls or responding to customer service emails. Most home based customer service employees report to a supervisor and act as a mediator to solve customer issues and complaints; while home customer service rep jobs offer flexible working hours, employees will usually need to commit to a specific schedule of working hours on a weekly or monthly basis.

Requirements for Telecommute Customer Service Jobs

Telecommute customer service jobs require a high speed Internet connection and/or consistent phone service; in some instances, you may also need additional home office tools including a fax, scanner and printer.

  • Most customer service jobs train reps through on-the-job training, but telecommute positions can be competitive. Experience in customer service, post-secondary education and exceptional people skills can help to increase your chances for home customer service hire.
  • To succeed at any customer service job, you will need to take the time to familiarize yourself with the company’s procedures, policies, goods and services. As with any customer service job – whether telecommute or otherwise – you will need to be patient and empathetic with your customers.

Telecommute Customer Service Job Tips

Popular telecommuting scams which are frequently seen on the Internet include advertisements for home customer service jobs, and sadly many victims fall for these scams. Common scams include luring job seekers with the promise of lucrative paychecks – but requiring potential employees to pay a fee for job listings or job training equipment.

How can you avoid these telecommute customer service job scams and find legitimate home based jobs? Always beware of advertisements which offer out of the ballpark wages; as a home based customer service rep, you can expect to earn an average of $9.00 to $12.00 dollars an hour – service reps with experience may earn upwards of $15.00 dollars an hour. Focus your job search on employment or staffing agencies which specialize in telecommute employment, and always thoroughly research a company before you sign on as an employee.

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