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What is Teeth Bonding?

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Teeth bonding involves essentially attaching a resin surface or layer to the front and/or back of a tooth or teeth. The purpose of teeth bonding is to correct chips, cracks and cavities, to produce straight, even teeth, or to whiten the tooth. In some cases, teeth bonding is purely cosmetic- you may wish to undergo teeth bonding to make your teeth a more appealing color if they have become yellowed as a result of age or bad habits. In other cases, teeth bonding can help fix or strengthen chipped or cracked teeth, or can be used in place of metal filings to cure cavities.

How Does Teeth Bonding Work?

During the teeth bonding process, your dentist will use a tool to create etchings in your teeth that the bonding material can stick to. The dentist will then use a specially formulated resin mixture. The resin can be matched to your teeth perfectly if you are having the bonding done only to one or two teeth, so you will be unable to tell that the teeth bonding occurred. This can be a big advantage to teeth filings, which are sometimes visible and unsightly even when ceramic or porcelain fillings are used.

Because the resin can be made in any color combination, you can also use the resin to lighten the shade of your teeth; therefore, teeth bonding provides an alternative to tooth whitening that may be more effective and permanent. However, the bonding would need to occur to all or most visible teeth if your aim is to whiten, otherwise your teeth would end up being different colors.

The specially colored resin is applied to the newly etched teeth and then a high intensity light is shined on the resin. The resin, when exposed to the light, hardens very quickly and becomes a permanent part of the tooth. Multiple layers of resin can be applied in a single sitting, hardening in minutes or even seconds. This allows you to achieve a straight, even and uniform look.

After the last layer of the resin has been applied and has bonded to your teeth, it is sculpted to achieve the natural shape that you want. Essentially, the resin can be moved and changed in shape slightly with the dentists tools so that an even, uniform and natural appearance can be achieved. AS a result, teeth bonding has been compared to a sculptor's clay tools.

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