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Shopping for Swimming Pools

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Looking for swimming pools can be a complicated process because of the many choices available. In fact, the first choice most people should make is whether to get an in-ground or above ground swimming pool. Each of the options offers its own particular advantages.

Benefits of Above Ground Swimming Pools

  • Save money. While there are above ground swimming pools that are large and can include many different features, they still are less expensive than in-ground swimming pools. In fact, it isn't uncommon to get a fairly significant above ground pool that's still 10 times less than the price for an in-ground pool.
  • Easy installation. Of course, this is compared to an in-ground pool, where installation of a concrete model can take 2 months or longer. If you are handy and have some help, it's not unreasonable to get an above ground pool up and running in just a couple of days.
  • Not permanent. This can be a benefit in the sense that you can move your above ground pool if you wish or even take it with you if you sell your home.
  • Great fit for small lots. Sometimes just fitting an in-ground pool on a small or irregularly shaped lot can be quite difficult. An above ground pool can usually solve that problem because it takes up so much less space.

Benefits of In-Ground Swimming Pools

  • Increase value of your home. A pool that's permanently located on your property instantly becomes a great selling point and can add to the price you should expect to get for your home if you ever decide to sell.

  • Great for parties. In-ground pools are great settings for parties of all types. With an in-ground pool, patio and landscaping, guests can soak up the sun and use the water to cool off, enjoy games in the pool or sit on the edge and enjoy the fun.
  • Long-lasting. While above ground pools are constructed more solidly and can last for years, in-ground pools are permanent additions that can go 10 years or more without significant maintenance, other than resurfacing, if the pool is concrete. Storms and the cold have little effect on most in-ground pools, as long as pool covers and proper maintenance is followed.

Deciding Between In-Ground and Above Ground Swimming Pools

Often, the choice comes down to money. That makes it pretty much impossible for an in-ground pool to ever win that battle. But it's important to consider your budget and the ways you envision using a pool before shopping for swimming pools. A homeowner who may be moving in a few years may not want to spend the extra money on an in-ground pool. If you fear avoiding an in-ground pool down the road because you don't want to keep up with the maintenance that's required, that's another reason that could push you toward an above ground pool. Try listing all the reasons you are interested in swimming pools. That list should point you in the right direction.

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