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What is a Super Chef?

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There are a number of criteria that chefs have to meet in order to be considered a Super Chef. These are;

  • Their restaurant business much extend beyond one city
  • Their expertise must extend beyond the restaurant business to other businesses
  • They are celebrated for their cooking skills
  • They have written at least one cook book
  • They are considered an educator in the culinary arts
  • They are television celebrities
  • They manage businesses and brand names
  • They have acquired their wealth from their talent as a chef and through their enduring businesses

There are a number Super Chefs throughout the USA, you may be familiar with their recipes books, their TV and radio shows and their numerous restaurants. Here are two of the most well-known Super Chefs in the Unites States.

Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay began his career in the restaurant industry by working in a pizza parlor and an ice cream parlor. He gradually worked his way up to making salads in a New York restaurant . The chef there became so impressed with Flay’s natural talent that he paid for his tuition at the French Culinary Institute. Flay graduated in 1984 and began working as a sous-chef. Within a week the executive chef was fired and Flay took over his role. Realizing he was not yet experienced enough to run a kitchen, Flay quit and took a position as a chef at another leading restaurant. His experience expanded rapidly and he learned about southwestern and Cajun cuisine. Since then Flay’s reputation has grown exponentially. He now owns a number of bars and restaurants and regularly appears on television’s Iron Chef series.

Mario Batali

Mario Batali is a famous chef, writer and raconteur. He began his journey on the road to chefdom as dishwasher in a New Jersey restaurant where he quickly advanced to pizza cook. After working and training in a number of restaurants throughout the United States and England, Batali developed a style based on his grandmother’s Italian home cooking. Batali has had regular appearances on Iron Chef and until last year had his own show on the Food Network. He continues to write cook books and owns a number of bars and restaurants throughout the United States.

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