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Top 10 Sun Flowers for Sunny Yards

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Add a little cheer to your sunny yard with these top 10 sun flowers. Not only will these flowers brighten up your yard, but they will also create a diverse outdoor environment attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds.

  1. Butterfly Plant – butterflies will flock to your yard once you include this perennial sun loving plant in your garden. The butterfly plant prefers moist, rich well drained soils and it will develop beautiful summer and late fall cluster flower blooms ranging in colors from white to shades of pink.
  2. Calibrachoa – for a few sun flowers in small spaces, the low to the ground annual Calibrachoa will thrive in hanging baskets and petite plant containers. With well drained soils, moderate moisture levels and occasional plant feed, the Calibrachoa will reward you with brightly colored blossoms which are highly attractive to hummingbirds.
  3. Daylily – these perennial sun loving flowers are available in hundreds of varieties and they all produce brilliant stunning blooms. Talk with a local garden specialist to see what type of daylily is best suited to your climate and garden soil.
  4. Giant Sunflower – reaching heights of twelve feet tall, the giant sunflower is an impressive addition to any full sun yard. The giant sunflower is an annual blooming plant which grows well in rich, moist well drained soil; birds will flock to your yard once the flower head goes to seed too.
  5. Heliopsis – these annual baby sun flowers produce magnificent yellow-orange sun flower daisy heads throughout the summer. Heliopsis can reach over one foot tall in full to partial sun and enjoys moderately moist well-drained soil.
  6. Hibiscus – with so many varieties to choose from, you can find a number of hibiscus sun flowers to decorate your lawn. Many species, annuals and perennials, may be grown in cool to temperate climates, prefer rich moist and well drained soils, and they produce startling and beautiful large spring flower blossoms in a range of colors.
  7. Iris – with flowering resplendent blooms at heights over two feet tall, the perennial iris will definitely add a special touch to your outdoor areas. Choose a variety suitable to your climate, and plant in moist well drained soils.
  8. Salvia – available in annual and perennial varieties, including sage and mint, Salvia plants produce elegant colored blooms under the full sun. Most varieties flourish in moist, well drained soils of all types, and their delicate blooms will attract a crowd of hummingbirds and butterflies to your yard.
  9. Verbena – ranging in colors from snow white to rose red, the annual verbena will produce small but show stopping blooms during the spring, summer and early fall seasons. For the best results, plant in moist well drained nutritious soils and water only when dry.
  10. Walker’s Low Catmint – similar to lavender, this perennial catmint produces beautiful purple and sweet smelling flower bunches. Walker’s low catmint sun flowers flourish in dry well drained soils, and their blooms will attract butterflies, hummingbirds and bees.

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