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Guide to Stress Free Moving

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Wondering how to have a stress free move without drawing it out over a year? The answer, as you might suspect, lies in proper preparation. Too many people nowadays leave essential moving and storage tasks until the end, creating something like a back-loaded anxiety attack when the day actually arrives. Needless to say, there are better ways to plan, pack and project exactly what you need.

Seasoned moving and storage experts tend to focus on organization above all else. Packing up everything you own inevitably takes twice as much time as you expect, and supplies tend to run at a premium throughout. Even if you arm yourself with batches of markers, tape, boxes and padding, however, you could still discover you've left out important steps such as planning your future home's layout adequately.

There are some easier ways to get everything done in a hurry, and these days all you need is a proper moving and storage resource to point the way. Some of the best moving and storage sites in the market now offer step-by-step instructions to walk you through the required tasks, and a little searching may even turn up handy checklists for your convenience. The trick is to apply such universal rules to your own things, making categories and interior design choices that make sense for you.

Some people prefer to store their moving and storage process literally months in advance, consolidating similar items and throwing out or donating everything nonessential. One of the most common mistakes is to clean all that space with the furniture still around—a major headache when the cabinets have gone and you behold hundreds of previously unsuspected dust bunnies. Moving and storage inevitably require more than a day whether you have one box or 100, so be sure to leave ample lag time for miscellany after the fact.

Common sense steps such as leaving your boxes lightweight and turning on the utilities before you arrive in that new home come with the territory, so be sure and look around the Web for recommended tools and tips. With a little motivation and some sound planning, your transition from moving and storage into an enjoyable ownership experience could be nice and easy.

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