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The Most Beneficial Storage Services

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It’s up to you to choose the most beneficial storage services when selecting self storage. Despite the perks that are offered at storage facilities, not all services will be beneficial. Thus, adding them to your bill could end up increasing the cost significantly while delivering absolutely nothing. Here are a few common services you may encounter:

Insurance should be purchased for the contents of the storage unit, but it does not have to be purchased through the storage company. Feel free to shop around to get the best price for your insurance. Just be sure that you are making an apple to apple comparison before selecting a carrier. Prior to securing additional insurance make sure your current insurance does not cover your off-premises stored items, too.

Humidity control and climate control may be unnecessary expenses for some items, especially if storing for a brief duration. Facilities featuring humidity and climate control are typically both newer, and more expensive than basic storage units. Be sure to know your contents before selecting pricey add-ons.

Moving is a common service offered to storage customers. While convenient, moving often comes with a hefty price tag. Determine if the rate the storage facility is charging justifies the additional expense. It may be cheaper to rent a truck and move it yourself, or contact an independent mover.

Packing a home or even some of the contents of the home, can be a huge undertaking. Some storage facilities offer a packing, moving and storing service for a completely hands-off (for you) storage experience. This service could be truly beneficial to some customers, but disastrous for others. One of the issues that may arise is the condition of the items upon arrival at the facility. It is recommended that a complete inventory be kept of the items that are going into storage, if items are packed by the storage facility, some things could be overlooked. In addition, accidents can occur. It may provide peace of mind to oversee the packing, moving and storage of items yourself, instead of allowing the storage company to handle this service.

When determining which are the most beneficial storage services, it comes down to personal preferences, needs, and comfort level. Carefully weigh the pros and cons before making your selections.

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