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Storage Ideas When Moving

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If you are in the process of moving, you probably already know that one of the most challenging parts of the entire ordeal is where to put your belongings before, during and after the big move. Whether you are moving across town or across the nation, these simple moving storage ideas are sure to help keep the experience as stress-free as possible:

Storage Idea #1: Properly label everything. Don't leave anything to chance; label each and every box clearly on the top and several sides. Use large arrows to indicate the top of each box then secure them shut with masking tape. Not only will these precautions help you stay organized and locate things in storage, but it makes unpacking much easier in the future. Simply unload each box in the proper room, and then put everything in its place.

Storage Idea #2: Invest in packing materials. Sometimes it simply doesn't pay to cut corners, especially when it comes to expensive furniture or other items. Boxes, cartons and plastic storage units are a solid investment. Be sure to recycle them once you're finished! Or you might want to hire professional packers to handle the job for you.

Storage Idea #3: Use the opportunity to donate unwanted items and do away with clutter. Out of style clothing, old toys and a variety of obsolete gadgets could be put to better use by donating them to a charitable cause. Not only do donations help eliminate the excess that tends to build-up over time, but by helping others you can actually help yourself. Less clutter means less need for storage and less unpacking and your donations are tax-deductible!

Storage Idea #4: Pack and store in reverse. Pack the most used items last and store them in the front for easy access. Kitchen and bathroom items, clothing and linens as well as other necessities should remain easily accessible. You may want to use paper plates and disposable cutlery for a few days so you can take time to properly pack your dishes. Don't forget - tools, hand-carts, first-aid kits and other utilitarian items should be packed last and remain accessible throughout the trip.

Storage Idea #5: Bring copies of keys, directions, medications and emergency phone numbers. It's easy to lose track of things when moving, so bring extra copies of emergency items and have a set of spares available at all times.

Storage Idea #6: Obtain insurance. Most homeowners' insurance policies do not cover your possessions while in transit or storage so be sure to inquire about additional protection. The leasing agent for the storage facility will be able to provide quotes or information about affordable insurance options designed to keep your things safe while stored, especially when you realize that more than one out of every four self storage facilities is the victim of theft of vandalism each year.

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