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Steam Cleaning Furniture

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Steam cleaning furniture uses the power of hot water extraction. In this process, a steam cleaner, which resembles a vacuum, inserts warm water treated with carpet shampoo into the rug. Then, through a high pressure process, the water is sucked up and kept in a dirty water reservoir. There are several kinds of steam cleaners, including standard plug-in devices, portable machines and high powered truck mounted cleaners.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning Furniture

  • Steam cleaning furniture is much easier than saturating, washing, then manually drying (or letting air dry) your upholstery.
  • For those who can't afford a professional cleaning, renting a steam cleaner is an affordable way to sterilize furniture.
  • Steam cleaning furniture protects household members from allergens and pollutants that can work their way into the upholstery's fibers. These impurities include pet hair and dander, mold and pollen from the outside air, fumes that have worked their way into the carpet, and mold and pollen tracked in through shoes.

Steam Cleaning Furniture Considerations

  • When factoring in the cost of steam cleaning furniture, be sure to consider the cost of cleaning solution.
  • If renting a machine, try to find the one in the best looking condition and ask the sales clerk for a demonstration.
  • Be sure that your carpet cleaning solution is suitable for your upholstery type. Anti-foaming solution can be added to prevent an excess of suds on the furniture.
  • Vacuum the furniture before treating it with a steam cleaner.
  • Setting up ceiling fans and portable fans will help speed up the air drying process. Do not use any blow dryers or other heating devices.
  • Make sure not to over-saturate the upholstery so that it dries between 12 and 24 hours. Anything longer can lead to mold and bacterial growth in the furniture.
  • Steam cleaning furniture is meant for general upkeep; spot stains should be addressed as they occur. For especially tough stains such as pet urine, try a cleaning solution that includes an oxidizing agent. Ink and permanent marker can be removed with by blotting with a cloth saturated in hairspray.

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