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Who Is Responsible for Staging Houses?

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The terms "staging houses" have become a popular part of real estate lingo. The expression, staging houses, refers to the idea of setting up a house a certain way just to make it more attractive to home buyers. Staging houses involves fixing minor details, getting rid of clutter and family photos, and choosing furniture and paint colors that make a home look warm and inviting so that a buyer will be able to picture a wonderful life within the house.

Who is Responsible for Staging Houses

Typically the sellers of a house stage the home themselves. This may mean buying new furniture. It may also mean hiring someone to paint, replace carpet or do other minor repair and upgrading tasks that a home owner is unable to do himself. The seller is usually the person responsible for staging houses because he stands to gain the most: if the house is properly staged and buyers want to buy, this means more money in his pocket faster.

However, some sellers either can't or won't stage their homes. In some of these cases, Realtors step in. Some real estate agents may even help stage the house themselves, rearranging furniture or otherwise helping to clean up a space to make it more appealing to buyers. Some realtors even bring warm cookies or bread to bake on the day of an open house, creating an overall pleasing atmosphere and adding to the staging process.

Finally, special staging companies exist who will come in and help stage a home. Many of these companies offer rental furniture that they can bring in to the home as part of the staging process. Often, a home staging company will take care of all aspects of staging from start to finish, charging the customer for their work as they go. Staging companies and rental furniture for staging houses is not free, however, and so this can cut into a seller's bottom line.

Regardless of which option you choose regarding who will stage your house, it is essential that you follow recommended steps to get the home ready for a buyer. While some buyers are willing to look past cosmetic flaws and see the beauty of a house hidden behind peeling paint, far more buyers want a move-in ready abode that they can call their own. Staging houses can help give the buyer this dream, and give the seller his asking price.

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