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Staging Homes

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Staging homes is a process that is used to prep a home for a viewing with interested buyers. The techniques that are utilized in home staging are especially beneficial to home owners who live in neighborhoods with similar looking homes for sale or who wish to sell their home as quickly as possible. If you are new to home staging or this is your first time selling a home, read below for answers to common questions about the home staging process.

When Should I Start Staging My Home?

You want the changes around your home to be new and fresh when you show the home, but you don’t want to get caught in a time crunch. To keep a fresh look without last minute panics, start staging approximately one month before you show the home. This will give you enough time to plant new sod in the yard if necessary, clean up flower beds, paint walls, get rid of personal effects in the home and arrange furniture.

How Much Should I Invest in Home Staging?

Budgets for staging homes can vary widely from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. How much you should invest in staging a home depends on your personal budget. Avoid this increasingly common trap as well: taking out loans for extensive home staging projects which you may not be able to pay back if the home does not sell in time. If you want to sell your home quickly but you’re short on cash try do-it-yourself home staging techniques that will, with a little bit of hard work, save you money.

Where Can I Find a Professional Home Stager?

Staging homes is a business that has been skyrocketing in recent years due to the many homes for sale which are now on the market. However, with so many recently certified home stagers it can be difficult finding a professional home stager that has an extensive background in this business. Your best bet is to talk with local realtors; most realtors will be able to refer you to professional home stagers that have been in the business for awhile.

Where Can I Find Out More About Staging Homes?

You can find out more about home staging through associations such as the Real Estate Staging Association, the International Association of Home Staging and the National Association of Realtors. These businesses offer tips to consumers, professional home staging directories and additional advice for consumers that are interested in staging homes.

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