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Staging a House to Sell

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Imagine the first time you walked into the model home you knew would soon be yours. Everything from the lighting to the furniture to the aroma wafting through the air told you this was more than just a model; it was your dream house. If your goal is to create that same experience for the potential buyers visiting your open house, you should consider how staging a house can turn positive feedback into a signed contract for sale.

Prior to Staging a House

Before you can think about creating that “model home” experience in your home, you have to start with a pristine canvas to create your vision. Invest in a service to perform a deep clean of every room because staging a house is useless if unsightly shower stains destroy the illusion of home perfection.

Once things are spotless, walk through your house with fresh eyes to determine what stands out. Are there burnt light bulbs? Replace them. Do your walls have a sickly grayish pallor? Repaint them. Do cabinets seem to lack their original luster? Refinish them.

Inspiration for Staging a House

If you’ve completed the basics and aren’t sure where to begin staging your house, browse through home and garden magazines or visit model homes for inspiration. What you’ll notice right away in both are open spaces, flowers and a few quirky – yet tasteful – personal touches. For immediate results, put excess furniture in storage and let in natural light to make every room appear larger and airier. A flowers vase on the table or a bowl of cheery fruit on the kitchen counter can add instant warmth to lifeless spaces.

Staging a house to show personality without sacrificing taste means limiting the number of personal items you’ll display in each room. If your child is a master artist, keep only your favorite painting on the refrigerator. Instead of showcasing your entire antique glass collection, choose items that enhance the beauty of the room without stealing the spotlight from fixtures that stay in the home after you move.

Help Staging a House

It’s ok to be uncertain about which techniques are best for staging a house when it’s not something you do each day. If you have the resources, consider hiring a home staging professional to create the effect you desire. Even if that’s out of your budget, you can still consult with the real estate agent helping you sell your home. Chances are good that he or she has experience staging homes and is willing to offer suggestions or impartial critiques.

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