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The Five Best Spring Break Vacations


When the weather starts warming up, students start having one thing on their mind: spring break! Students all across the country look forward to heading somewhere with a great beach for that mid-spring vacation, and it's never too early to start planning for next year's spring break. Here are the five best spots for spring break vacations.

South Padre Island

This island off the Texas Gulf coast has become practically synonymous with spring break vacations. If you're looking for the "tradition" spring break experience, you might want to start with South Padre Island. Not only will there be plenty of fellow students looking to have fun, the island is well-accustomed to the annual rush of vacationers, so you can reasonably expect available accommodations without reserving the year before.


This coastal Mexican city is beloved of tourists the world over and another top spot for spring break vacations. As Cancun is well-used to seeing visitors year-round, spring-breakers will have no problems finding plenty of fun, whether in the sun, in a club or in the water.


If you're on or near the West Coast, you might want to try Acapulco. This Mexican city has been a famous site for vacations and tourism for decades. While it has many beautiful hotels and beaches, Acapulco is best known for its nightlife – the party scene doesn't really kick off until after 11 pm, and it doesn't stop until sunrise.

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is famed for its gorgeous white-sand beaches, making it a beautiful destination for spring break vacations. It's become so popular that it's sometimes called "The Spring Break Capital of the World". The city has dozens of great hotels and nightclubs, and its popularity with spring-breakers has drawn several popular musicians and rock groups to perform ... often at free, open-air venues!

The Bahamas

Nothing says spring break vacations are limited to the mainland. The Bahamas are a popular spot for vacations in the Gulf, and draw many spring-breakers every year. The blue water and white sand are natural draws, especially for anyone planning to spend a lot of time on the beach.

While spring break vacations could go anywhere, students will likely find the best deals at the top spots. They are destinations that are used to seeing lots of student vacationers during spring break, and a travel agent can help you find plenty of deals and discounts to have a great time on a student's budget.

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