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What Is a Digital Signal Splitter?

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A digital signal splitter is a connector that divides an incoming line for cable service, for instance, and distributes it to other electronics in your home. Splitters are available online and through almost any local electronics supply outlet.

Tips for Using a Digital Signal Splitter

Before you consider splitting your cable or satellite signal, check with your service provider to determine if what you're doing is allowed by the terms of service contract you signed. Once you have the go ahead, these tips will help you understand splitters better.

One of the most important things to remember about splitting an electronic cable signal is that each time a signal is split, it becomes weaker. It's important to split a signal only as many times as you absolutely have to. If you're planning on buying a splitter that has four outputs when you only need three, don't. Buy a connector that's designed for your immediate needs. They're relatively inexpensive and you can upgrade as your needs change.

Other things can have an impact on signal strength too. Distance from the split can impact signal quality, as can interference from other nearby electrical devices. Finding the best way to get the number of splits you need, together with excellent reception, is usually a matter of trial and error. Sometimes relocating the cable, even a few inches, can make a big difference.

If you discover that a split line consistently produces a very low quality signal, there are still a couple of things you can do. Amplifiers are available that can enhance a low signal and sometimes take care of the problem. Cable companies often use amplifiers (sometimes called boosters) when laying cable indoors over long distances.

Never make a line run longer than necessary. Be sure to measure the run in advance, pick the most direct route you can given the limitations of the structure, and only use as much cable as you'll need.

Not all digital splitters work the same way, either. For Digital Cable TV or Cable Internet, a standard 1GHz digital splitter will work fine. For satellite, use a 2.4GHz splitter.

A digital splitter will only divide a signal, it won't descramble it. When running line to multiple devices in your home, always place a split after the box or device that processes an incoming signal for use.

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