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Design Tips to Create Space Saving Bedrooms

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Bedrooms should be relaxing and clutter free with wide open spaces and a minimal amount of furniture. Not only is this type of bedroom design best for sleeping, it is also healthier because a cleaner bedroom means less dust. If you are living in an apartment with limited bedroom spaces, use these design tips to create functional but space saving bedrooms.

Design Tip #1: Get Rid of Excess Furniture

Get rid of, or store, excess bedroom furniture. What counts as excess furniture? Believe it or not, just about everything but the bed. Efficient use of under the bed storage and closet space (see Design Tips #2 and #3) will eliminate the need for bulky dressers and nightstands which hamper efforts to create space saving bedrooms.

If you like to read in bed, use a portable book light that will clip onto your book so you won't have to use an extra lamp. Instead of using a nightstand, purchase a set of quality wood TV trays – then if you need to use a nightstand (for instance, if you have the flu and you want tissues and water nearby) you can use a TV tray and then fold it up and stow it away when it is no longer needed.

Design Tip #2: Use Under the Bed Storage

Under the bed storage can be used for extra winter clothes, keepsakes and blankets. If you don't have a bed that offers extra space for storage, consider trading your old bed in for a simple platform bed frame. Platform frames use less space and they have plenty of room for storage under the frame – plus they are quite affordable too. The best under the bed storage products to use include sliding drawers or boxes (which come with small wheels on the bottoms) and sturdy long lasting canvas boxes.

Design Tip #3: Efficient Use of Closet Space

Even the smallest of closets can be transformed into big space savers with helpful space saving closet accessories. Use the entire vertical space of your closet with extra closet rods and hangers which are made to hold multiple items of clothes at once. Utilize space bags to store bulky winter clothes which do not fit under the bed, and use hanging canvas shelves for items – like socks and undergarments – which used to go in dresser drawers. If you love shoes, use a shoe organizer at the bottom of your closet to stop your shoe collection from treading on your efforts to create space saving bedrooms.

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