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How to Use sp411 on Twitter for Local Search

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How to Use sp411 on Twitter for Instant Local Search Help

Use sp411 to Find:

  • Business locations
  • People / Reverse Phone Number Searches
  • WiFi Hotspots
  • Weather
  • Movies
  • Driving Directions
  • Walking Directions

Use @sp411 or d sp411

Follow @sp411 on Twitter. Give it a minute to follow you back. You can send direct messages to sp411 from your Twitter inbox or as a regular direct message using the "d" prefix instead of the @ symbol. A direct message in Twitter is private and an @ message is public. To send a direct message to sp411 you would type in the letter "d" then a space, then sp411, like this: d sp411 and public messages are sent to @sp411.

Search results are sorted by their distance from the given location.

Movies and Directions are only available via direct message requests and People search results will be sent back through direct messages for privacy reasons.

Business Search

Type in your "keyword plus location" info.

Examples: pizza 1601 Trapelo Road Waltham MA 01821 OR lawyers 90210

People / Reverse Phone Number Search

Type in "lastname, firstname location" OR "firstname lastname location" OR "phone number".

Examples: Doe, John 13790 OR John Doe Chicago OR 781-684-6700

Wifi Hotspots Search

Type in "wifi near location" OR "free wifi in location".

Examples: wifi around Boston OR free wifi hotspots Waltham MA

Weather Lookup

Type in "weather in location".

Examples: weather in Boston OR weather near Seattle

Movies Search

Type in "movies plus location" to get all the movies playing at location. If you use a specific movie name, @sp411 returns the theaters near location that are playing those movies.

Examples: movies near Dallas TX OR Inglourious Basterds Seattle WA


Driving Directions:
Type in "directions from address1 to address2"

Example: directions from 1601 Trapelo Road Waltham MA to 60 Canal Street Boston MA

Walking Directions:

Type in "walking directions from address1 to address2". If the distance between address1 and address2 is greater than 20mi, no walking directions will be returned.

Example: walking directions from 1234 Main st Watham MA to 212 1st Ave Watham MA

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