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Solar Nails: Another Option

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When it comes to artificial nails there are many different options, and finding the right one can take a little bit of time and experimentation. It can be good to try out different varieties to see what works best for you. Solar nails are a choice that has become a popular one for a number of different reasons. These nails are durable, and have several advantages over other artificial nail types.

The name "Solar Nails" once represented a brand, but in certain salons has come to refer to a particular type of acrylic artificial nail application. The finished look resembles a French manicure, as they are typically two-toned with pink nail beds and white tips. Typically, the nails are extended with a white tip and a clear or pink-tinted overlay of acrylic product is applied over the entire nail bed and extension. This generally is a quicker and less expensive version of "Pink and White" nail applications that are comprised of sculpting wthe nail extension with white acrylic powder used for the tips.

These nails are very durable, and can last for a long time. Typically, acrylic nail refills need to be done every two to three weeks. With Solar nails, since the nail bed color is neutral near the cuticle, the re-growth is not as obvious and they might not need to be filled as often, which means fewer visits to the salon.  That said, they may take a bit longer to put on in the first place. The process is a bit more involved than regular acrylic applications.

One of the popular advantages to having Solar nails is since the white tip is incorporated into the product, it doesn't chip off, as a polished French tip would. Those who like the look of a French manicure but prefer the strength and durability of artificial nails may decide that this is a good option.

Finding a salon that does Solar nail work can be a challenge. Since the application is a two-part process that involves skill, finding a technician that has had some experience with doing this type of nail is the best way to insure it goes smoothly. A little investigation of the nail salons in your area will let you know if Solar nails are available.

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