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Solar Cover Reels Make Saving Energy A Snap

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Solar covers, or solar blankets, are rapidly becoming one of the most popular choices for covering swimming pools, and solar cover reels make putting them on and taking the off a breeze. With a reel, one person can easily put a cover on or take it off in a matter of minutes. When off, solar cover reels are easy to store out of the way with no worry about dust and debris getting onto the cover.

Solar blankets are heavy-duty polyethylene sheets that float on top of the pool. The many tiny air pockets that cover the sheets make them look like bubble-wrap, and they help trap heat inside the pool water. Not only do they keep out dust and debris, they help keep your pool water warm by as much as 10 to 15 degrees. This saves money by lowering your reliance on heating systems, and also helps reduce evaporation, which means adding less water and fewer chemicals.

Because one solar blanket can cover an entire pool, it can be difficult take them on and off. Solar cover reels make it easy. When you want to take it off, simply turn the crank and the cover rolls up onto the tube. Once the cover is all rolled up, the reel can be moved out of the way. When it’s time to close the pool, just move the reel back, grab a corner and walk it out; the cover will roll cleanly and easily off the reel and across the surface of your pool. One person can take care of the cover without worry about damaging or dirtying your solar blanket.

While solar covers can fit any type of outdoor swimming pool, solar cover reels are designed for a specific type of pool. An inground pool reel is mounted on wheels or casters, so you can easily roll it out to the poolside. A reel for an above-ground or portable pool is designed to fit over the pool’s top rail, easy to lift on and off. Most solar covers will work with either type of reel.

Solar blankets are one of the best ways to help keep the pool clean while lowering its operating costs, and solar cover reels make using them easy. If you have an outdoor pool, you won’t regret investing in a solar cover reel.

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