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Social Software for Businesses

Social Networking

Gartner Inc. predicts that 20 percent of businesses will no longer use email by 2014, and that means an increase in social software used for social networking sites. There will certainly be a call for more software development for both personal and business use if that's the case. In addition, as more businesses turn to social networking, they'll need more applications that relate to their specific businesses, too.

Social Software Business Solutions

Social networking software can help businesses develop more effective ways of communicating, both internally and externally, but these programs can offer many other solutions for business, too. For example, Facebook offers several software applications that allow a business to tie in to their online sales sites at eBay and highlight their items for sale as part of their Facebook profile. There are many other software solutions for other online business sites, and many of these sites make it very easy to develop your own personal software applications. There are also applications for organizing and managing your communications, your research, and your notes, while sharing them with others in your profession or business. All of these solutions can bring more effective communication to your staff members, and help you network with other business owners, as well as your consumers.

Social Applications for Advertising

There are many other social software applications that businesses can use to effectively advertise on social media, and they are often relatively low cost. You can create banner advertising at many sites, and you can also promote your business by creating a profile for it and then offering special incentives for your fans and followers. There are also applications that allow you to send advertising messages to mobile devices, and to tie in your blog to your social networking sites. All of these are new ways of marketing your business to a new audience, and they are also predicted to grow in the future.

Social software applications make using social media sites easier and more entertaining, but they have a lot of business applications too, from internal communications to online marketing. Search for applications online, or go directly to the social sites you're interested in and search for applications there, too. Most have lists of the most popular applications in a variety of categories, so check them out to find the right software applications for your specific business.

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