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Tips for Snorkel Tours


One of the more popular travel excursions these days is snorkel tours. Tours can be found at most water destinations worldwide and give you the unique opportunity to explore diverse environments and coral reefs, and observe all the wonder marine life has to offer up close. Avid snorkelers extol the beauty of underwater environs, with all the color, movement, and activity these areas have to offer. If you’re traveling to a water destination and are considering giving snorkeling a try, here are some great tips for snorkel tours.

Finding the Best Snorkel Tours

There are opportunities for snorkeling all over the world, and all these destinations are hosts to dozens of snorkel tours that offer a once in a lifetime experience. Different companies will showcase different types of tours, anything from day tours to cruises that include snorkeling excursions. Before settling on a particular tour, there are certain questions you should ask any snorkeling company beforehand. Have someone explain to you the extent of the tour to see if it fits with what you have in mind. Find out how long they’ve been in business, and see if they have a website with testimonials. Find out whether they offer gear for rent or as part of the tour, or if you need to bring your own. And most importantly, determine what safety education they offer and how in general they ensure guest safety. You want to look for a tour that insists on proper equipment for all participants and has a safe tour-guide-to-client ratio. By collecting all of this information, you can determine the best snorkel tour for you.

Tips for Snorkel Tours

Once you decide on a tour, there are certain guidelines to follow that can help you get the best out of your snorkeling experience.

  • Get to know your snorkel gear. The key to a fantastic snorkeling experience is being comfortable in the water. Using a snorkel and fins can take some getting used to, so it’s a good idea to practice ahead of time, either at home before you go on your trip or in the hotel pool. Once you’re comfortable with breathing using a snorkel underwater, you’ll be better able to explore and enjoy the marine life around you.
  • Properly prepare to snorkel. There are certain steps to take that will make your snorkeling adventure much more enjoyable. Any jewelry should be removed, as there’s always the possibility that a fish could mistake a shiny item for prey. You also need to have adequate protection from the sun, particularly on your back and the backs of your legs. Waterproof sunscreen is usually adequate for most skin types, but if you’re in a protected area where sunscreen use is banned or your skin is unusually sensitive, then wear an exposure suit instead.
  • Follow your guide’s directions regarding coral and wildlife. Remember, there’s a reason tour groups have rules. Kicking up sand near a coral reef can eventually block sunlight, smothering the coral. Many corals are fragile and shouldn’t be touched, as this can kill hundreds of polyps at a time. Follow your guide’s directions when walking in shallow areas, as there may be a danger of sea urchins, stingrays, and other animals that might harm your feet.

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