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Tips for a Small Bathroom Remodel

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If you're considering a small bathroom remodel, here are some helpful tips to help you save time and money.

Don't Limit Yourself with Small Ideas

Contrary to what you might think, a small bathroom remodel usually requires more thought and planning than a similar project undertaken on a large bathroom. The fact that the bathroom is small doesn't mean you have to think small. With some thought and planning, you can transform your small bathroom into an attractive, comfortable and highly functional room your family and guests will appreciate.

Planning is Everything

The first step in planning your remodeling project is to consider who will be using the room and for what purpose. Is it a small second bathroom that will be used on a regular basis by members of your family or a small guest bathroom? If the room will be used on a regular basis, you'll want to focus on functionality over fashion. That means choosing fixtures that can stand up to day-to-day use and will require less cleaning and maintenance.

Consider Long Term Expenses

If you�re planning to replace the toilet you might want to consider a high efficiency model to conserve water and lower your monthly water bill.

Many homes feature large, master baths for parents and small bathrooms for the children. If young children will be the primary users, you should consider replacing the existing toilet with a high capacity toilet. Young children can be prolific users of bathroom tissue and notorious for flushing unintended objects down toilets. High capacity toilets provide the extra force needed to prevent clogging.

You'll also want to consider ease of cleaning. One-piece toilets are available in a variety of styles and colors and eliminate the joint between the seat and tank that can be harder to clean. Some two-piece toilets feature a slope beneath the seat and tank juncture that makes much cleaning easier.

Similar thought should be given to your choice of sink, shower and tub fixtures. A qualified remodeler or plumbing contractor can offer suggestions on the best fixtures for your particular needs.

Making it Last

If your small bathroom includes a shower, you might want to consider painting the walls instead of wallpapering. Although wallpaper adds a touch of class, it can be hard to care for under high humidity conditions. Steam from hot showers can cause it to peel away from the walls over time, requiring re-papering which can be an expensive time consuming undertaking.

When painting, be sure to choose a high quality paint that can withstand high humidity.

If possible, you should consider installing an exhaust fan. Exhaust fans can be installed in any bathroom with overhead access to the attic. Be sure to choose the right sized fan for the room. Oversized fans will waste electric energy and undersized models will be unsatisfactory in their ability to remove humidity and stale air.

Lighting for Your Small Bathroom

Finally, you'll want to give extra thought to lighting. For small bathrooms that will be used primarily by guests you might want to consider a more intimate lighting design. Otherwise, be sure the design provides adequate lighting to accommodate the needs of those who will be spending longer periods of time in the bathroom.

In either case, you may want to consider adding additional lighting near the mirror to facilitate applying makeup and other activities that require brighter lighting conditions.

Installing lighting rheostats will provide maximum control of your lighting design.

Remember, just because you have a small space to work with doesn't mean you have to think small. By planning ahead, you can ensure your small bath model is a big success.

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