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Silver Bangles

Jewlery and Jewelers

For thousands of years, married Indian women have worn silver bangles as a sign of their married status. Glass was the traditional material used to make bangles, but the use of silver bangles became widespread when silver mines were discovered and metal work techniques were developed; fashionable 1960’s styles brought the silver bangle to Western societies, and the silver bangle has remained popular ever since.

Sterling Silver Bangles

Most silver bangles sold in quality jewelry boutiques are made with sterling silver – an alloy of 92.5% silver by weight combined with 7.5% copper. Sterling silver alloys create durable bangles which can wear well through soft bumps and knocks, and sterling silver has a beautiful white color and shine that is particularly desirable in silver bangle bracelets.

Sterling silver bangle bracelets may come with a thin rhodium plate to create bangles with a smooth mirror like reflection, but rhodium plates wear off quickly on bangle bracelets – within a few weeks or months depending on wear. Of course, another rhodium treatment may be applied to the bracelets for a price – and shoppers will need to weigh the added costs of rhodium treatments on silver bangle bracelets when they are purchasing bangles.

Silver bangle bracelets which are not made with sterling silver will not have the white color and shine of sterling silver bracelets, and if the metal alloy used to make the bracelets contains nickel the bracelets may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

Types of Silver Bangles

Most silver bangles are composed of one solid ring that is meant to be worn around the wrist or above the elbow, but some bangles are made with a hinge or clasp so they can be open and closed. Silver bangle bracelets are often sold in sets that are worn together, and the metal work on silver bangle bracelets ranges from simple and sweet to complex and intricate designs.

Open bangles made of silver are also known as bracelet cuffs, and these types of bangles have become a mainstay on today’s fashion runways; wide handmade hammered silver bangle cuffs are highly favored accessories in spring and summer fashions when they are combined with light sleeveless dresses.

Designs on silver bangles may include inlaid or hanging gemstone decorations, and some bangle bracelets are made with silver clasps which can be used to hold a light purse or pocketbook.

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