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5 Reasons To Choose Shade Landscape

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Shade landscape is a must for yards that have moderate to full shady areas. If your shady lawn is plagued with unsightly bare and persistent patches, here are 5 reasons why you should create a shady landscape as soon as possible.

1. Shade Landscape will Stop Soil Erosion

Soil in shady spots that are not protected with shade loving plants and ground cover will quickly erode. In moist conditions the soil may erode through water accumulation, and in dry conditions unprotected soil will simply blow away on the wind. Shade landscape will stop this erosion process and protect the rest of your yard from areas of erosion that will eventually spread.

2. Shade Landscape will Improve the Look of Your Yard

You may be surprised at how the addition of shade plants can completely revolutionize the look of your yard. Shady landscape designs can create explosions of color which will brighten dark and dreary patches of lawn, and a variety of shady plants may increase the visual depth and dimensions of your yard.

3. Shade Landscape will Support Diverse Habitats

Shade loving bushes, flowers, grasses and ground cover will support diverse habitats in your yard that are friendly to birds, butterflies, lizards and beneficial insects. Diverse habitats will also contribute to the overall health of your lawn and lawn soil.

4. Shade Landscape will Soak up Excess Water

One of the greatest evils of shady patches of lawn is standing water puddles. These puddles can quickly lead to erosion, flood and damage that will eventually ruin healthy areas of your lawn, and the mud they leave behind can suffocate your soil. As dramatic as these effects are, water puddles can be effectively controlled with the addition of a variety of shade loving grasses and plants that thrive in moist conditions.

5. Shade Landscape will Improve the Value of Your Home

Shady yards that have prominent bare spots, standing puddles and soil erosion can be an ugly blight on an otherwise beautiful home. An appealing exterior will add a touch of value to your home, especially if a professional shade landscape design is used. An unappealing exterior though can have a dramatic negative effect on your home’s value which you can prevent with even a small addition of affordable shade loving plants.

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