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Who Is Responsible for Sewer Pipe

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Aging lines, calcification, root growth and land movement are some of the culprits when it comes to sewer pipe damage, which affects nearly 1 million North American homeowners annually. This results in millions of dollars in repairs and increased taxes as municipalities also bear the damage of crumbling sewage infrastructure.

Public versus private sewage pipes

The sewer pipe can either be the responsibility of the owner of the property or the water company. The best way to determine ownership is to consult your local government or utility company. The age of the pipes is often taken into consideration when determining whether a sewer pipe is public or private property. Your public water utility by law will have a map including the particulars of the sewage lines in and around your home.

Private sewage pipes

With private sewage pipes, the repair and maintenance of the sewer pipe is the responsibility of the homeowner. The section of the sewage pipe that extends from the public line to the home is considered private, and only a licensed and bonded sewer contractor can repair the sewer line. Drains, which are pipes that carry your home's waste to the sewer, also are the homeowner's responsibility.

How to handle a Sewage Problem

Sometimes a main sewer pipe becomes clogged, which is the responsibility of your public water utility company. You should call the utility so that they can send out a specialist. Try to determine whether the problem originated in the home, because if this is the case, you will bear full responsibility of inspection and repair costs when you call in a plumber for service. If the public utility specialist finds that the problem lies within private sewage pipes, call in a professional plumber immediately.

Trenchless technology

The trenchless sewer pipe is the method of choice when dealing with faulty sewage pipes. This method involves developing a pipe within the original sewage pipe to collect the waste, which poses countless health risks to residents when it spills out. This method is touted as a cost-effective solution that will ward off root growth, maintain the structural integrity of your sewage pipes and increase flow capacity. Through this method, homeowners often avoid the pain of having to re-landscape.

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