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Senior Living Apartment Options


As you near retirement age, understanding the various senior living apartment options becomes more and more important. An apartment complex living community is a good choice for many seniors who either have sold their homes or are no longer able to handle the many responsibilities of managing a household. That leaves a number of senior living apartment options.

Independent Living Apartments

Independent living apartments offer seniors who are able to take care of all of their daily needs with a lifestyle that's free of the obligations that come with home ownership. Independent living generally refers to any apartment community in which some minor assistance is available with daily activities. All meals are generally served in a cafeteria-style setting that offers an opportunity for apartment complex residents to get to know one another. Independent living complexes may also some help with cleaning and providing transportation to doctor's appointments and for social functions. A variety of recreational opportunities are available - often including a swimming pool and fitness center - as well as social events both on-site and in the community.

Assisted Living Apartments

Another of senior living apartment option is an assisted living arrangement. While there are many similarities to independent apartment complexes, the key difference is the degree of help the resident needs on a daily basis. Assisted living arrangements generally provides a greater degree of help with daily activities - from taking medications, to dressing and keeping the apartment clean and in order. Meals also are served in a single area for all residents of the complex and transportation is available for medical appointments, picking other prescriptions and other needs. Seniors in assisted living complexes don't need 24-hour care but do require more help and supervision than what is offered in independent living arrangements.

Continuing Care Apartments

These communities congregate seniors with varying levels of independence into a single community that offers independent and assisted living apartments as well as nursing home care. This senior living apartment option is particularly beneficial for someone who may soon move from independent to assisted living or from assisted living to a nursing home. Having the different levels of care available in the same apartment community allows a senior to move from one category to another with a minimum of confusion and upheaval. Continuing care apartments also are popular with couples who want to stay close to one another even though one spouse requires nursing home care while the other may only require an independent or assisted living community.

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