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Sell Your Home To Young Couples

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If you have a modest or smaller property, you may be in a good position to sell your home as a starter house to a younger couple. These buyers are commonly immersed in their careers and don’t have children yet. They don’t want homes that are high-maintenance and don’t have a lot of need for more than a couple of rooms. Here are some ways to work the starter home angle to your advantage.

Thinking Like First-Timers

Illustrate to the buyers that they are getting a good deal on your home, that they can save money in the long run, especially if they can come up with a more significant down payment. Don’t run them off with an aggressive demeanor and keep in mind that this could be an intimidating, first-time experience for them.

If the couple is currently living in an apartment, sell your home stressing the freedom that comes with owning a home. This includes not sharing a wall where neighbors hear your every move and being able to paint the walls any color you like. Keep the outside of the area well groomed in attractive, as young buyers are more likely to become attached to a home at first sight. Be reassuring to the buyers when you sell your home.

Nuts and Bolts

Point out the strong points of your home, such as the floor plan, to emphasize that major remodeling won’t be necessary. Larger remodeling projects commonly are reserved for a forever home. Accentuate areas of the home that are low maintenance. This can include a small yard or a smaller living space to maintain. Better yet, line the home is nice looking but easy to maintain vegetation – stress to the buyers that the landscaping will be easy to maintain.

When you sell your home, be sure to mention If you have updated plumbing, electrical wiring or HVAC. It’s a big relief for any buyer, but especially young buyers, to not have to deal with the expense and complications involved. Get your home inspected so that young couples can rest easy that they won’t be bogged down with repairs. If you do come across problems, it’s probably better to make those fixes rather than negotiate down the price and leave the improvements to the buyers.

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