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How to Sell Houses

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The Preparations

Research your market when you sell houses. This is the most important step, because if you overestimate the market you’ll lose buyers. If you underestimate your property, you can lose money as well because buyers who may not appreciate the value of your property because of what you’re asking for. Get the word out; friends, family, coworkers and neighbors are all great ways to spread the news. Don’t underestimate the power of Internet marketing and list your property on leading real estate websites, using high quality digital photos and detailed descriptions.

The Sale

Hire a real estate agent to help sell houses because you need an advocate, someone knowledgeable who always will keep your best interest in mind. To find one, be selective by doing your research and gathering several quotes. Recommendations through word of mouth are generally considered the best, and try to find one with experience in the type of home you’re trying to sell.

Stage the home by cleaning and repairing as much as possible. Neutralize odors, and remove personal touches so that the potential buyers can picture themselves in your home. For example, aim for neutral colors and remove the knickknacks. Be flexible with buyers. For instance, if they can’t visit with you on the evenings or weekends, offer for them to tour the house during the week or in the daytime. Let the real estate agent do the walkthrough so that the potential buyers won’t feel pressured and hold back questions and opinions.

The Closing

Get the home inspected by a professional, which gives you an official, objective document on the condition of your home before the sale. This benefits both the seller and the buyer. In the case of a conflict, you will be protected. For the buyers, it’s a chance to gain perspective on the condition of the home. The ins and outs of the home selling procedure should be vetted by a lawyer, preferably one with a real estate specialty. It’s advisable not to spend the money on the payment of your home until it is 100 percent a done deal and there’s no chance the buyers can back out of the deal.

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