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The Best Self Storage Solutions for Parents

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What are some of the best self storage solutions for parents? To answer this, we should first determine what kinds of things may be cluttering up a space that houses a family. Here are some of those items:

  1. Many couples begin their journey together with the purchase of a “starter home” which is typically basically a detached apartment with a garage and very little storage. The space may be just right for two, but when baby comes along with extra clothes, crib, bassinet, travel yard, high chair, etc., the space can get claustrophobic rather quickly.
  2. Even if children are born into homes with more usable square footage, storage space may still be lacking. Thus, if mom and dad have visions of brothers and sisters for the new baby, they may be quite reluctant to part with those big ticket baby item purchases which take up tons of room as baby outgrows them.
  3. What about those adorable “firsts” outfits! How can a mom part with those, and she shouldn’t have to! But this requires additional closet space, under bed storage, etc. that will soon have Junior with no available space in his/her own room to play.

Now that we’ve identified some of the unique reasons parents in particular may be searching for self storage solutions, let’s identify some solutions:

  1. They should scour the internet to uncover the storage facilities in their area and use the new tools to narrow down their choices. Is a locker a suitable choice? Or would a pod be a better solution? Will they require 24/7 access, or can they schedule appointments to access their kiddie bounty?
  2. The extras will be quite valuable to parents. If parents are looking to save items for reuse, or to save treasures for children to have once they are grown-ups, they should definitely consider a climate controlled storage facility. Pest control is also a definite keeper feature for items that are to be used again. Note: parents should make sure ALL items are washed/scoured to remove any baby food/smells that may attract pests.
  3. Parents are typically always looking for a good deal. Using the internet they should be able to find a facility offering the correctly sized, properly maintained unit at an affordable price. If not, parents should not be afraid to haggle, especially since they will probably be storing items for longer rental terms.

Of all available self storage solutions for parents, pods may be the most attractive because they can be loaded as time allows (a plus for busy parents), they are delivered and taken to storage with a phone call, and can be either visited with a scheduled appointment, or delivered back to the location of your choice with a single phone call. In addition, items are nicely sealed within the “pod”, so it minimizes the amount of potential intrusions.

Truthfully, the best self storage solutions for parents are the ones that will make their lives easiest and provide them with more space at the end of the day.

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