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When Roof Replacing Becomes Necessary

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Professional roofers should only do roof replacing. The time, labor, and skill involved put this project beyond the scope of the do-it-yourselfer. This is not to say that it cannot be done, but the various factors combine to make the job prohibitive.

Insurance adjusters and roofing contractors will advise that a roof be replaced if the cost of the work to repair it is greater than replacing it, or if a simple repair will not restore or improve the roof. The danger in not replacing a roof when recommended is further damage to the structure and ever increasing costs.

Steps involved

Replacing a roof has several steps. The first of which is to contact roofers and get bids on the project. You contact at least five companies. You can get referrals from your local or from the national professional roofing contractors associations. When you call them, ask for references, which you must call to check on the quality of their work.

Once the roofing representative has inspected your roof, taken measurements and pictures, and described the profile of the roof, he or she will sit down with you to draw up the proposal. In addition to the nuances of your roof, what will determine the final bid will be the materials you want used for the new roof, and how much you insurance will pay, if they are paying anything.


If you are simply replacing asphalt shingles with asphalt shingles, the cost will increase or decrease depending on the quality of shingles. Better constructed shingles with longer warranties will cost more.

If you are wanting to change to another material, such as metal, wood, slate, ceramic, or some other substance, the prices will increase for two reasons. First, these materials are more expensive than asphalt shingles, and they are more durable. Second, they have specific installation requirements and necessitate the employing of skilled workers.

Other costs

If there is damage to the decking of the roof, the vents, or other parts, these will need to be replaced and will be factored in. If you want to change ventilation systems, this is a good time to do it, but you will have to pay for the service.

Since the old roof will need to be removed, you will be charged for this and for disposing of the old material.

Once all the variables are sorted out, the roofing representative will make a proposal. It is suggested that you contact at least five roofing companies and compare their fees for roof replacing. Let them know that you are shopping the contract - it can work to your benefit.

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