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Roof Replacement

Get Competitive Quotes from Top Rated Roofers
Get bids from HomeAdvisor 10-Point Screened Roofers. Free Service

Most homeowners dont give much thought to their roof until theres a problem. Although minor roof repairs may be enough to solve certain issues, sometimes roof replacement is the only solution. Fortunately, you have a lot of options. There are roofs that last as little as 20 years and as long as 100 years. Choosing the right roof will depend on your specific needs.

Here are some roof replacement tips:

There are many different options to consider with roof replacement. Here are a few choices to consider:

Metal roofing. Although this option is expensive, metal roofs can last 50 years or longer. Theyre also a natural conductor of heat, which can save you cash on your energy bill.

Tile roofing. Tile roofing is also excellent for durability. This type of roofing withstands serious weather conditions with ease. Although tile roofing is very expensive, it can last over 50 years.

Asphalt shingles. This is the most popular type of roofing material in America is asphalt roofing. It is the least expensive type of roofing (as low as $60 per square), but it provides decent protection from the elements. Its also a relatively easy roof to install for do-it-yourself roofers.

Faux slate. If you want a roof with a distinctive style, consider faux slate. Its less expensive than traditional slate roofing, and it provides an attractive finish to your home.

Roof Replacement Process

Regardless of which type of material you choose, there are certain steps youll need to follow to apply the roof. First, remove all of the existing shingles. Then, install an ice dam to protect your house from rain damage. The next step is laying asphalt paper and applying shingles. Install flashing to areas that are vulnerable to leakage, like vents and chimneys. Finally, install a ridge vent.

Roof Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing your roof will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of your house, the materials you choose and if you hire someone for installation. If you hire a roofing company, the cost will typically be $5,000 or more. However, if you choose more expensive materials like metal roofing, the cost may be well over $100 per square.

Replacing a Roof in the Winter

Some homeowners put off replacing their roof until the summer. But the truth is, if your roof needs replacement, roofing companies are skilled at installing a roof in even the most adverse weather conditions. If you live in a climate that is wet most of the year, it might be worthwhile to hire a professional.

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