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How To Make A Roach Trap

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A roach trap is basically just a container with some bait to draw the cockroaches to it, and a method for trapping them once they crawl into the container. There are commercial roach traps that you can buy, but there are also ways to make an effective roach trap from common household items. Here are some techniques for building a cockroach trap. Note that the traps can be made with any type of jar, such as an old pickle jar, or can (e.g., an empty coffee can). Remember, also, that roaches are nocturnal, so any roach trap should be put out in the evening.

  • Drowning traps. These traps use water (usually with something like coffee grounds added) or another liquid (like wine or soda) to drown the cockroach. You simply put a container with an inch or two of liquid in it near a kitchen or bathroom wall (these are the most likely places for cockroaches to be). The roaches will climb to the top of the container, attracted by the smell of the liquid, and fall to the bottom, where they’ll drown.
  • Sticky traps. With some traps, you put a piece of food at the bottom of the jar (e.g., fruit peels), then coat the inside of the jar with petroleum jelly. The roaches climb into the jar to get the food, but they get stuck in the jelly and can’t get out. Another version of this trap uses a sticky mixture of corn syrup, brown sugar, and white sugar (a quarter of a cup of each) in the bottom of the container, which traps the roaches. Since these traps use a sticky concoction rather than water, you can turn them on their side to give the roaches easier access.
  • Powder traps. These traps use powdery substances that are toxic to roaches. You can set these mixtures out on the floor for the roaches to eat, but if you use a container it will trap them, and that will make it easier to dispose of them. Take an empty plastic bottle or a disposable plastic container, fill it with a mixture of boric acid or baking soda (you can also add some powdered sugar, cocoa, and salt), and punch small holes in the container. Use a razor knife to punch the holes, and make sure the plastic is pointing inward, so the roaches can get in the container but can’t get out.

You’ll need to check your traps regularly to dispose of the dead roaches, and to add new bait. You’ll find that these are all effective methods for building a useful roach trap.

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