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Residential Security Tips

Home Security
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In 2007, the FBI reported that there were an estimated 9,843,481 burglaries in the United States. As a result, residential security is a subject of concern to all homeowners. Some approaches to improve residential security include providing several layers of residential security to deter burglars, working with neighbors to initiate a neighborhood watch program, and implementing residential security both inside and outside one’s home.

Making one’s home unattractive to burglars is one of the best ways to provide excellent residential security and keep one’s home safe when homeowners are away. Research shows that the majority of burglaries happen from 9am to 6pm when homeowners are typically at work. In addition, the most vulnerable areas to burglars are interior garage doors and back doors. When it comes to choosing an ideal home to break into, burglars usually look for three things: easy access, bushes or anything that provides cover, and homes with the best escape routes.

Some ways to create a security system that makes a home unattractive to potential burglars are as follows:

  • Make sure all entry doors to a home are made of solid wood or metal
  • Use interior light timers when to illuminate the home during the night, especially when away on vacation
  • Install high-quality deadbolt locks in each entry door
  • Use heavy-duty plates with long screws to ensure the plate rests firmly inside the door frame
  • Employ at least two locking devices on all sliding glass doors and windows
  • Install exterior lighting that detects moving objects around the home’s perimeter
  • Let burglars know there is an alarm system by putting visible alarm decals on windows and glass doors
  • Place signs in the front yard letting burglars know the home is monitored by an alarm company
  • Plant rose bushes or cacti in front of accessible windows to make these entry points undesirable to burglars

Internal residential security provides the necessary protection if a burglar attempts unauthorized entry. The following is a list of ways to ensure a safe and secure residence:

  • Install steel stripping behind each entry door frame’s interior molding
  • Use several locks on all entry doors, especially those in vulnerable areas
  • Avoid hiding keys in places burglars are likely to suspect, like under flower pots, on top of door frames, or under welcome mats
  • Use a residential security system with an audible siren
  • Talk with neighbors who stay home during the day and ask them to watch over the house
  • Always change locks when moving to a new residence

When it comes to residential security, no amount of precaution can completely guarantee immunity to burglary. However, taking simple steps to make one’s home unattractive to burglars greatly reduces his or her chance of experiencing this crime firsthand.

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