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Knowing When Itís Time to Reseed the Lawn

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The lawn is often an integral part of a landscape design. Having a lawn that’s green, lush, and healthy helps create an attractive look for your yard and your home. There are many measures that need to be taken in order to maintain a healthy turf, and one of these is reseeding. Here are some tips to help you determine when it’s time to reseed the lawn.

Signs That It’s Time to Reseed the Lawn

It’s normal for some grass to die off over the course of the winter, but sometimes lawns have a rough winter where reseeding may become necessary. Signs that a lawn is struggling include grass that has brown spots, bare spots, or seems to be thinning. If your lawn feels soft and spongy or a portion of it is already dead, it’s probably time to reseed. Another good indication is if it’s been overrun by weeds. A problem lawn may also appear blotchy and uneven.

Troubleshooting Your Lawn Problems

If you notice any issues with your lawn, your best bet is to evaluate the cause of these problems before you jump into reseeding the grass. For instance, if your lawn is infected with some type of insect, worm, or fungus, then that needs to be addressed first. Otherwise, your newly seeded grass will most likely just die off again. Another smart move is to test your soil to be sure it’s balanced and contains the necessary minerals for optimum health. If not, any imbalances can easily be remedied, and this will lead to greater reseeding success.

The Best Time to Reseed the Lawn

While you can reseed the lawn at any time during the growing season, most experts agree that the best time for this is in late summer or early fall. This is optimal for multiple reasons, specifically that while the soil is warmer at this time of year, the weather is generally cooler, encouraging greater water retention and faster grass growth. There is also less weed growth at this time. Just be sure to give your new grass an adequate window to get established before the first frost.

When you reseed the lawn, you can restore a struggling yard to its former glory for very little expense. Do your research and be sure to properly prepare the soil ahead of time, so that your new grass has the best chance to grow into a healthy, lush turf.

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