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Locating Recycling Dumpsters

Garbage and Recycling
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Half the struggle of recycling is finding the recycling dumpsters, at a location that doesn’t require you to drive across town. Once that’s panned out, you’re well on your way to turning your junk to something new and making a positive contribution to your community. Here are some ways to locate those recycling receptacles.

Recycling Dumpsters: Local Government

One of the first steps you should take in locating recycling receptacles is to contact City Hall. Most City Halls has someone who’s in charge of a recycling program. In smaller towns and municipalities, that may not have a separate department, but they will be able to point you in the right direction. It is in the community’s best interest to establish recycling programs as landfills increasingly are shrinking. In fact, some cities are trying to incorporate recycling receptacles in apartment complexes.

Recycling Dumpsters: Neighborhood Cruise

Drive around your neighborhood and look around; you may be surprised to see that recycling receptacles are nearby. One of the most common locations for recycling containers are schools and central government buildings; they usually are for paper products, excluding cardboard.

Recycling Companies

Finally, if all else fails, contact recycling services in your community and see if they have dumpsters placed around the city. Although unlikely, they may be able to provide you with alternative recycling solutions. It is in these companies’ best interest to accept your materials, as they can profit over some materials such as scrap metal, so they are likely to help you find a solution.

Recycling Dumpsters: Preparations

Place recycling containers near where the products in mind are used; the office for paper, the kitchen for aluminum cans and cardboard and the garage for hazardous materials, appliances or electronics that will require special disposable and possible recycling. Call recycling centers in advance to make sure they accept your materials. Ensure the materials are clean and dry to prevent the presence of flies, rats and other vermin.

For larger items, consider calling a company to pick up your items; don’t leave them outside of the dumpsters. Some junk companies will take all of your junk, donate what they can, recycle what they can and take the rest of landfills. This is more useful for moving, remodeling and spring cleaning rather than on a regular basis, which can be quite expensive.

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