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Best Recycling Containers

Garbage and Recycling
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It's as much of a statement about your home as the curtains and tile you choose – what is your recycling container of choice? Do you prefer industrial or woodsy? Something more traditional and practical? Maybe you are on a budget and will consider some creative solutions. No matter your style, recycling won't cramp it if done with the proper planning.

Types of Recycling Containers

Designer: These recycling bins, often vertically stacked, are made in a variety of colors and materials. There's wooden ones for a more naturalistic look, metallic for contemporary homes and colored plastic set-ups.

Practical: These are the bright-colored plastic bins we usually think about when one mentions recycling. Think blue, green, yellow and red. Some are sold in vertical stacks, others on their own, and if your lucky you may be able to score some free ones from local recycling programs.

Creative Solutions: Just because it doesn't say recycling doesn't mean you can't use it for recycling. Find bargain containers that suit your needs and re-purpose them. If you have zero budget at all, consider hitting up the grocery store in the middle of the night for crates and boxes.

Recycling Containers: Where to Find?

Retailers: Large retailers and home improvement stores are good places to seek out a designer recycling system. Prices will vary, from your basic $40 set-up to systems that can cost hundreds of dollars.

City: It is quite possible that your city government or trash collector will have plastic recycling bins available for use. Call your local offices and see what kind of programs are available to your neighborhood.

Grocery Stores:If seeking extra containers from the grocery store, call the manager ahead of time and explain your request. That way, stockers can be sure to set boxes aside and will be expecting your arrival. By using these containers, you are recycling the very container that will hold your recyclables.

Tips for Recycling Containers

When filling your recycling containers, be sure that the materials are clean and dry to keep the pests away. You may consider keeping your containers out of the home if you are concerned about clutter and mess. Place immediate containers where the action is happening, such as in the office for paper and in the kitchen for food and drink products. Many people use garages or patios for long-term recycling storage; just be sure to protect these materials from the outside elements, including rain and rodents.

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