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Recycling Bin Tips

Garbage and Recycling
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The right recycling bin will fit in with your design goals as well as make practical sense. Whether your budget is zero or $300, you have a variety of options. Whether you need something that looks good in the home, is conveniently located, is affordable -- or all of the above – there is a recycling bin solution for everyone.

Recycle Bin Basics

Start by analyzing what you want to recycle. If you're a first timer, it is wise to start with one product, then gradually integrate others. This way you don't get overwhelmed. Choose that product – be it a plastic water bottle, aluminum soda cans or cardboard pizza boxes – and find the nearest place you can take those items. Call them or look them up online to determine their hours of operation and any other special considerations you need to make.

Recycle Bin Getting Started

Once you determine what you are recycling, pinpoint where in the home it would be best to keep your recycling bins. For example, while it makes sense to keep a aluminum can recycling bin out of view because of aesthetics, will people really walk all the way to the garage to dispose of their can? An alternative is to find an aesthetically pleasing recycling bin system, which commonly range from $40 to $200 and can be found at major retail centers and big-box hardware stores.

Recycle Bin Considerations

If you don't have the money to purchase a recycling bin system, it's time to get creative. For example, try your local grocery store, which disposes of a variety of crates and boxes during overnight stocking sessions. You can even decorate these containers with items around your house; it could be a productive craft project to do with the kids. Also, consider purchasing generic containers that may not be sold for retailing purposes but can achieve the same results. Lastly, contact local recycling programs such as those sponsored by your city and see if they provide their residents with recycling bins. Many cities that offer recycling programs to homeowners already offer bins used for recycling purposes.

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