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Rear Ended - It's a Common Accident

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Being rear ended is a common type of traffic accident, but is, unfortunately, not always accidental. In either case, the victim should contact a personal injury lawyer who specializes in vehicle accidents. Rear end accidents can happen when a driver doesn't notice that the vehicle in front of him has slowed down or stopped, and he hits that vehicle from behind. A rear end accident can also occur if a driver is following another driver too closely and the driver in front slams on his brakes because of an unexpected obstruction in the road or because an animal or child runs in front of his vehicle. In rear end accidents, the fault is almost always put on the driver at the rear on the assumption that safe driving requires keeping adequate distance from the car ahead. 

Rear end accidents are also a common way to defraud insurance companies. If you are rear ended as a part of an insurance fraud, an attorney can help you set the record straight. Dishonest drivers will cut in front of an unsuspecting driver and then slam the brakes on, causing the unsuspecting driver to crash into the back of the dishonest driver's car.

No matter the cause of the rear end accident, the victim can suffer from injuries that may or may not show up immediately. If you have been rear ended, or your car rear ended someone else's, always request to be checked by a doctor. 

Among the most common injuries suffered in rear end accidents are whiplash and back and neck pain. Often, this type of pain does not manifest until hours after the accident. The first thing a victim should do after being rear ended is to contact the police and his insurance company. Once everything has been taken care of at the accident scene, the victim should be transported to a medical facility. After being checked out at a medical facility, the victim should contact a personal injury attorney.

When choosing a personal injury attorney for representation in a rear end accident case, make sure that the attorney has extensive vehicle accident experience. The vehicle accident attorney should have experience with both settling and litigating cases. If you have been the victim in an insurance fraud where you were forced to rear end someone else, be sure to let the attorney know that you suspect that the accident was set up. The attorney will then hire the best experts to help with accident investigation. If you believe that you were the victim of an insurance scam, the attorney can help get your driving record cleared and will help prosecute the dishonest driver.

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