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Improve Reading Comprehension

Preschools and Kindergartens

If your child struggles as a reader, there are some things you can do to help improve reading comprehension. You and your child need to be motivated to improve reading, you need some good tools for helping to build mental areas to hold ideas, you have to concentrate, and you have to help your child build good studying techniques. Here are some ways to accomplish those goals.

  • Help your child develop an interest in gaining knowledge. Introduce them to world events, magazines, books, and newspapers, and help them develop an interest in learning more about the world around them.
  • Teach the structure of paragraphs. Good paragraphs that are compelling have a distinct beginning, middle, and end. Usually, the first sentence of a paragraph tells where it is going, and it uses transitional words or phrases that change the topic. Recognizing good paragraphs helps build reading skills and comprehension.
  • Teach your child to anticipate and predict what's going to happen in the story. Good readers often predict or anticipate what's going to happen next in the story. If your child is right, that strengthens their understanding and their enjoyment of the story.
  • Learn to recognize how the material is organized. Is the story set in real time, in history, or is it organized logically or functionally? Knowing the organization helps the story flow more effortlessly, because you know what to expect from the organization.
  • Help your child create motivation and interest. Discuss the story with your child, ask them questions, and choose stories that are interesting to your child. The more interested they are in the story, the more they will build comprehension.
  • Teach your child to highlight, summarize, and review what they're reading. If you want a good understanding of a book, you need to read it more than once. Choose books your child likes and urge them to read them again to develop more understanding, using tools like highlighting and summarizing to find new ideas.

Help your child build a good vocabulary. For most people, they never stop improving their vocabulary throughout their lives. Get a good dictionary and encourage your child to use it often.

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