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Why Purchase Townhomes?

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  • A townhouse is middle ground between house and a condo. Purchase townhomes to enjoy the feeling of living in a house without the commitments of owning one. Not only will it spare you the drag of endless repairs, you don’t have to deal with the buying and selling process. This is especially a desirable choice for young professionals caught in the middle of deciding what they want, who have grown out of apartments but are not yet ready for a house.
  • You aren’t responsible for exterior maintenance. Seniors especially will enjoy not having the burden of regularly painting the exterior or being responsible for roofing. In fact, many neighborhood associations forbid changing the exterior of townhomes.
  • Amenities can make it a great value. In addition to not shouldering the cost of exterior maintenance, amenities such as swimming pools and playgrounds add to the reasons to purchase townhomes.
  • You may get to know your neighbors better. Instead of being separated by land, you are in closer quarters with your neighbors. This can provide a greater sense of community and security. Burglars are less likely to target townhomes because of the close proximity of their residents.
  • Purchase townhomes to live in a high-price area without breaking the bank. Perhaps you want to live closer to work or in a specific school district, but the houses are too expensive. Townhomes offer you a more affordable option without sacrificing the benefits of living in a house.
  • You don’t have to worry about yard work. At most, you will have a small yard, which is nice if you want to gather outside or have a little garden. However, gone are the days where you have to sink an afternoon mowing a huge lawn in 90-degree weather.
  • Older ones have more character than mass-produced apartments. Perhaps you are charmed by older homes with hardwood floors or are tired of cookie cutter apartment complexes stuck in suburbia. Purchasing townhomes especially older ones can put you in the urban core of the city. If you crave being near the action in a home with character, this could be a viable option.

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