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Top 5 Puppy Grooming Tips

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An early start on grooming will help your puppy to mature into an adult dog that is calm, confident and manageable during baths, haircuts and nail trims, and with these top 5 puppy grooming tips your puppy will quickly become accustomed to being groomed.

1. Groom When Puppy is Tired

The best time for puppy’s first bath is right after a meal and a potty break. With a full belly – and an empty bladder – your puppy will be relaxed and (hopefully) easier to handle. The worst time to begin puppy grooming is when a pup is in a rambunctious or playful mood – if you try to start grooming and your puppy wants to play, then take time out for some energetic activities so puppy will be played out when it’s bath time.

2. Groom Puppy in a Calm Environment

Grooming the puppy in a calm and quiet environment will help to reduce any anxiety or stress which may arise during the first few grooming sessions. Gather up everything you will need – including shampoo, brush, washcloth and towels – and start running the water (on low) to the puppy’s bath. When the water is the right temperature, bring puppy to the grooming area and then start the bath.

3, Use the Right Puppy Grooming Tools

Grooming tools made for adult dogs – like brushes, clippers and nail trimmers – can be too rough on puppies, and they can be difficult to use on smaller canines. Shampoos and conditioners which are formulated for adult dogs may also be too harsh on a puppy’s sensitive skin. Before you groom a puppy, make sure you have the right tools created just for puppies (or even toy breeds) along with puppy formulated shampoos and conditioners.

4. Add a Splash of Praise and Affection

Always add a splash of verbal and physical affection during puppy grooming times. Use gentle words of praise and tons of kisses so that the puppy will learn to love being groomed. After the puppy has been completely groomed, and is all dry and ready to go, offer the puppy a special little treat.

5. Considerations for Professional Puppy Grooming

If your puppy has a coat that needs special care (e.g. Wire Terrier), or you plan on taking your puppy to the groomers for future grooming needs, talk with your veterinarian first. Puppies need their initial vaccinations before they can go to the groomers, and they should be parasite free. Depending on where your puppy is on the vaccination and deworming schedule, you may have to wait a few weeks before you can arrange that first puppy grooming visit.

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