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Filing a Property Damage Insurance Claim

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Property damage insurance is designed to protect you financially against fire, windstorms, tornadoes, hail and other hazards that can damage your home's structure. If such a catastrophe does occur, then you'll need to file a claim with your insurance company in order to receive reimbursement for the damage. To ensure accurate reimbursement and minimize hassles associated with filing a claim, keep the following property damage insurance tips in mind:

Contacting the Property Damage Insurance Provider

Informing your insurance provider of property damage should be done as soon as possible. This not only increases your probability of receiving fair compensation, but also sets the wheels in motion so you can receive reimbursement as soon as possible. When talking to your insurance provider, be sure to ask questions about the process for filing a claim so that you can be proactive about all steps in the process. Also make sure that the provider sends you a Notice of Loss form so that you can put your statement of loss in writing.

Supporting Documents for Property Damage Insurance

Your insurance provider will request evidence of damage to your property so they can assess the value of loss and properly reimburse you. The most common form of evidence you can provide is photographs of the damage. If possible, take photos of all damaged structures and personal belongings. Video footage may also be helpful. If theft or another crime is the cause of damage or loss, then also be sure to ask for a police report from the investigating officers so that you can provide a copy to your insurance provider. Any witnesses to the crime should also provide statements and be included in your documentation.

Other Tips for Filing a Property Damage Insurance Claim

For many property damage insurance claims, a claims adjuster will visit your home to assess the damage. To aid in his or her duties, it is a good idea to separate damaged items and place them in reasonable order for inspection. While the adjuster is inspecting your property, you may wish to ask for an advance payment of loss. In some cases, this may help you receive partial early payment so that you can start fixing the damage.

Doing due diligence prior to damage can also speed along a claim settlement of property damage insurance. Keeping insurance documents safely stored in a fire-roof safe will ensure quick access in the event of an emergency. Accumulating inventories of personal belongings, along with prices and date of purchase, can also be helpful when filing a claim.

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