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Proper Garbage Disposal Practices

Garbage and Recycling
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Proper garbage disposal is essential in every household. With the consumer habits of every family in America, no matter how environmentally friendly your household is, chances are you generate enough waste in a week to put at least one can out to the curb each garbage day. Now try to extrapolate that (even at minimal output levels) to every home in America, and you see the potential for disposal issues almost immediately. Unfortunately, many people don’t consider the fact that everything, right down to the way they package their trash, affects both the environment and the workers who come every week to collect their refuse. The effects of these issues that currently plague society unfortunately amount to but a background noise to the symphony of problems that will exist in the future if communities across the country don’t begin to adopt a more environmentally friendly approach to waste disposal.

Proper Garbage Disposal Practices

For starters, most of the waste generated in kitchens is perfectly useable in another sense. Organic waste, such as vegetable and fruit peels, corn cobs, chicken and turkey carcasses, and egg shells don’t have to weigh down trash bags and smell up trash cans until the garbage collector arrives each week. These items are great to put into compost piles or tumblers, as the decomposing organic matter provides stable nutrients as fertilizer for either vegetable or flower gardens.

Even if you don’t have a garden of any kind, chances are you know someone who does, or you may be lucky enough to have a local farmer who’s willing to buy your compost from you, turning your waste into gain. The added benefit here is that limiting the amount of organic matter in your weekly trash greatly decreases the amount of trash you generate each week. Even decreasing two full bags of trash per week eliminates over 100 bags a year for each household, and that would greatly help landfills that are having space issues.

There are other ways to be more environmentally friendly with your garbage disposal as well. For example, they may be more expensive for the time being, but your trash collection company will surely appreciate knowing that you use biodegradable trash bags to dispose of your waste each week. With the length of time it takes a trash bag by itself to break down in a landfill, biodegradable garbage containers could be of great benefit to everyone involved.

No matter what type of bags you use, however, proper garbage disposal practices also involves thinking about your trash collector. Being conscious of the people who remove your trash from your curb every week and making sure to put it out properly each time is highly appreciated by your collectors. Having no loose garbage bags and putting all of your trash is in cans that have lids helps to ensure that neither animals nor weather will affect your trash collector’s ability to do his or her job. Also taking the time to separate your trash from your recyclables and putting them in their designated containers helps to keep the collection process a smooth and efficient one.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to exercise proper waste disposal, you should contact your waste management company and inquire with them about any programs or information they may have. Chances are they’ll be happy to help you.

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