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Propane Heating Systems

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Propane heating systems can provide cost-effective, environmentally friendly heating options for the home. Heat generated by propane fuel is safe, clean, and convenient. Propane heating systems can also be used in conjunction with other types of systems to provide a homeowner with the most heating flexibility and cost-savings.

Propane heating systems are very much like those fueled by electricity, natural gas, wood, and heating oil. All these types of fuels, including propane, are capable of providing a furnace with the juice they need to keep your home warm.

Propane can also be used to fuel fireplace inserts, stoves, and water heaters. Hydronic systems such as radiant floor heating and baseboard heating can also be part of a propane heating system.

A propane heating system can also provide reliable backup for another type of system. For instance, there are still some areas where electricity is the “fuel” of choice because it is relatively inexpensive in relation to other heating-fuel options. But the problem with electric service is that it has a tendency to be disrupted just when you need it most – like during ice storms, or any other types of severe weather. These service disruptions can last for many days, but with a backup propane heating system a loss of electric power for an extended period would not be a potential disaster.

A propane heating system can also be a wise decision as a backup for another system that loses optimum operating ability when circumstances change. For instance, a heat pump can be a good energy-efficient choice to both heat and cool a home, but it does lose efficiency with colder temperatures. Switching to an available propane heating system for the duration of the heat pump's less efficient cold-weather period can result in greater benefit to the environment due to less overall CO2 emissions (the heat pump runs on electricity, which emits more carbon dioxide than does a high-efficiency propane heating system), as well as more operational savings over the lifetimes of both members of the dual system.

To get the most for the heating dollar, propane heating systems can aid the consumer in thinking “outside the box” when it comes time to consider heating options.

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