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Pro Bono Lawyers

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Pro bono lawyers are lawyers who take cases for free. They can practice any type of law from administrative and civil law to criminal. Some state bar associations require that attorneys complete a certain number of pro bono hours per year.

Some attorneys go over and above the required hours and some even volunteer their time to cases for the disabled or the financially disabled. Not many attorneys advertise their pro bono services, so it can be a chore to find pro bono lawyers. You can call local general practice attorneys in your county to ask if they're taking pro bono cases. If these attorneys have not used up their pro bono hours, they may be willing to take your case. There are also many websites dedicated to pro bono lawyers who will freely volunteer their time.

Some law firms have a pro bono coordinator. When contacting a law firm, ask to speak to a pro bono coordinator, or if they have an attorney who is willing to do some pro bono work, if there is no coordinator. Another way to find pro bono lawyers is to contact your state’s bar association.

Pro bono lawyers take cases for clients who genuinely cannot afford to hire one. This often includes people on disability and people who have been laid off and cannot afford to pay customary legal fees.

When a pro bono lawyer takes a case, it is a win-win situation for the client and the attorney. An attorney may have a lot of experience in a certain area of law, but he may want to add another area to his expertise. For example, a family law attorney may want to add criminal law experience to his portfolio. One of the best ways to do this is to do some criminal pro bono work.

As with any other type of attorney, you should consult with several pro bono lawyers before selecting one. You should feel comfortable with the attorney, as you will be sharing a lot of private information with him depending on the type of case it is.

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