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Preschool Educational Resources

Preschools and Kindergartens

Preschool educational resources may be provided by a child's school, but some parents may also wish to seek out their own resources to supplement their child's education.

Preschool Educational Resources

When a child is preschool age, his or her brain is developing quickly and almost any activity can be a learning experience. Young children are learning all the time about life, people, the way things work, and how to express themselves. The preschool years are the foundation for learning later on, as well as for school success and for proper development. Fortunately, there are a lot of different types of educational resources that will help kids grow and learn during this crucial time.

Educational resources don't have to be worksheets or formal lesson plans; they can also be everyday activities. Cooking, for example, can be fun and a learning experience that can help kids develop counting skills. There are a lot of recipes just for kids.

Arts and crafts can also be educational. Doing an art project can help kids develop creativity and the fine motor skills needed for writing. Art activities can also promote self esteem and teach perseverance.

Children love to play and educational games can make learning fun. There are, for example, games that will help kids learn their colors and how to count. Most games will help kids learn how to take turns and will teach them that they sometimes lose. Even a deck of cards or a simple board game can have educational value as kids learn patience and the importance of following the rules. Further, kids may learn by mimicking adult behavior. A child playing house, for example, may be learning proper social models and may be developing his interpersonal skills.

Large motor skills are also important in physical development. Using blocks to construct a tower or a house, for example, teaches spatial awareness and cause and effect, and helps develop muscles.

Another of the most important educational resources is a more traditional one: books. Parents can borrow books for free at the public library or they can buy them. Most libraries also have activities for children, so the library itself can be a place for learning.

Finally, the best source for good preschool educational resources may be a child's preschool teacher. Preschool teachers have a wealth of knowledge and can give parents advice on the best kinds of activities and games for children that will supplement what that child is learning in class.

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