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Portable Hot Tubs

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Portable hot tubs and inflatable hot tubs offer the same relaxing heat and massaging jets as traditional hot tubs. Portable hot tubs are made of rubber, plastic or vinyl, rather than fiberglass or acrylic. Using an automatic air pump, an inflatable hot tub or portable hot tub can quickly and easily be inflated when you are ready to use it and deflated when you want to put it away. Portable hot tubs offer some advantages and disadvantages when compared to traditional hot tubs.


The biggest advantage of inflatable hot tubs over traditional acrylic or fiberglass shell hot tubs is the cost. Inflatable hot tubs are significantly less expensive up front, starting at only a few hundred dollars, while traditional hot tubs start at a few thousand dollars. You also won’t have the expense of constructing a deck area for a portable hot tub that you will with a traditional one.

The downside of this is that portable hot tubs are not nearly as durable. While the rubber or vinyl of an inflatable hot tub is strong enough to support the weight of the water and the people using it, it can still puncture or tear. An acrylic hot tub will last much longer, so over the long term an acrylic hot tub may prove to be less expensive than an inflatable hot tub that needs to be replaced every few years.


Once deflated, a portable hot tub can be packed up in a box, where it can be stored until you want to use it again or taken somewhere else. For example, if you wanted to use a hot tub at a cabin or lake house, a portable hot tub can go with you. A traditional hot tub can be packed up and relocated if you decide to move, but it certainly doesn’t have the portability of an inflatable hot tub.

The downside to portable hot tubs is that they are not as nice to look at as traditional hot tubs. A permanently installed acrylic hot tub can be designed to blend into your outdoor decor, while an inflatable hot tub can look out of place.

As with any large purchase, portable hot tubs have several advantages and drawbacks to take into consideration. Consult with a hot tub professional to help determine if a portable hot tub or inflatable hot tub is right for you or if a traditional acrylic or fiberglass hot tub would better serve your needs.

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