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Pool Steps Make The Pool Look Great

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While it seems like a small detail, one of the most important things to consider when designing a swimming pool is how to get in and out. Pool ladders are important for safety, especially in the deep end, but for the shallow end pool steps are a better option. A set of steps makes it easy and safe to enter and exit an in-ground swimming pool, especially for young children.

What Kind Of Steps?

There are two kinds of steps – molded in-pool steps and drop-in steps. Molded steps are almost always added during the construction process, as remolding a pool once it’s complete is very cost-prohibitive. In the case of fiberglass pools, it would require an entirely new shell! In concrete or vinyl pools, molded steps are perfect for customization; you can design the steps to be as wide and as long as you like, in whatever shape you can imagine. With fiberglass pools, your options are usually more limited; the steps will be in the shape of the mold. However, pool builders who deal in fiberglass use a variety of molds, so you’ll still have a number of options to choose from.

The biggest benefit of molded pool steps is aesthetics. In addition to customization, molded steps always match the pool – they’re a part of the shell, so there’s no worry about them aging differently or clashing with the pool tile.

Drop-In Steps Are Great

If your pool doesn’t already have molded pool steps, you still have options! There are a number of drop-in step models to choose from. The wedding cake step is probably the most popular, but you can also find rectangular or “straight” steps if that will better match your pool’s layout. Drop-in steps are anchored to the decking by their handrails, while the bottom is filled with ballast. Thus, while they may not be a part of the pool shell, you can be assured that your steps are safely and solidly attached.

Drop-in pool steps are easy to clean; simply detach the handrails and pull the steps out when you’re ready to clean them. While a set of steps is usually a little more expensive than a pool ladder, they’re also much better looking and easier to use.

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