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Types of Pool Filters

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A backyard swimming pool is much more enjoyable when it is clean and free of dirt. Chlorine will take care of the microscopic bacteria, but pool filters remove larger sediment that can cloud water and leave swimmers feeling gritty. There are several different types of pool filters available in different sizes, so be sure to find the right type and size to adequately clean your pool.

Diatomaceous earth pool filters

Diatomaceous earth pool filters, also referred to as DE pool filters, are an excellent choice among your three pool filter options. DE pool filters contain a porous powder that allows water to flow through but traps particles as small as 1-3 microns in size. The internal components of the filter become coated with the DE powder and strain algae, dust and dirt particles from your pool before returning the water. Diatomaceous earth pool filters are cleaned by backwashing your pool or by draining the filter to the waste line. Then simply add fresh DE to the filter to resume the filtration process.

Sand pool filters

Sand pool filters are very similar to diatomaceous earth pool filters, except sand is the filtration element. Sand has a larger grain size than the DE, so it does not collect the tiny particles that a DE filter will. Sand pool filters only trap particles down to 20 micros in size, while the smaller particles go through. Like DE pool filters, sand pool filters can be cleaned by simply backwashing the collected dirt particles out of your filter.

Cartridge pool filters

Cartridge pool filters used to be much more cumbersome and less effective than DE and sand filters, but advances in technology have made cartridge pool filters a very good option. Cartridge pool filters work by running water through filtration screens to trap particulates down to 5-10 microns in size. They have a larger filtering surface area than the other filters, making them less prone to clog and requiring less maintenance. Clean the cartridges by hosing them off, soaking them in detergent or simply replacing them.

Pool filtration is one of the three steps to ensuring a clean pool, the others being chlorination and circulation. By talking to a pool professional you can find the right pool filter to suit your needs and budget as well as get the right size pool filter for the volume of your pool.

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