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Popular Poodle Cut and Clip Styles

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Poodles may sport a number of haircuts, and here you will find the most popular poodle cut and clip styles which look fantastic on toy, miniature and standard poodles. Before you decide on the right type of cut for your pooch, talk with your groomer about a cut’s upkeep and which cut will keep your poodle comfortable during winter and summer seasons.

The Continental Clip

The continental clip is a type of poodle cut which is usually reserved for show dogs because of the amount of maintenance the cut requires. The traditional continental clip leaves the poodle’s face, legs and base of the tail bare. The top knot of the head and ears are left long, and puffs of hair (also known as poms) are cut around the base of the tail and above the feet. Poms are often shaped on the hips or the hips may be left bare.

The Lamb Clip

The lamb clip is one of the easiest clips to maintain, and a trip to the groomer’s every 6 weeks or so will keep the coat in excellent shape. On this type of cut, the poodle’s feet, base of tail and face are left bare, the rest of the coat is scissored to a preferred length and the hair on the tip of the tail is shaped into a pom.

The Teddy Bear Cut

A preferred cut for miniature and toy poodles, the teddy bear cut is a style which almost makes little poodles look like adorable stuffed animals; standard poodles too look especially charming with a teddy bear cut. The cut leaves hair short on the face, and then closely scissors the rest of the body. Puffs of hair may be left around the legs and ears, and there are many different variations of this cut.

The Puppy Clip

The puppy clip is another show poodle cut, and it is an approved show cut for poodles less than one year of age. This cut looks almost exactly like the continental clip, except that the hair is only trimmed on the face, feet and base of the tail. The rest of the body is scissored to a medium length, the hair on the ears and top of the head are left to puff and a pom is shaped on the tip of the tail.

The Bikini Clip

Poodles in warm climates will love the bikini clip. This type of poodle cut leaves a short length of hair around the body and an even shorter length of hair around the legs. The face, feet and base of the tail are bare and small poms are shaped above the feet and on the tip of the tail.

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